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Fuel Duty Reduction

Post by Andy Smith

Originally uploaded on March 24, 2022

As petrol and diesel prices reached an all-time high in recent weeks, compounded with continued uncertainty on the back of the Ukraine crisis and ongoing global inflationary pressures impacting the cost of living, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a 5p fuel duty cut in his spring statement on Wednesday this week.


As a result of this duty change, your fuel price levied on your Fuelmate fuel cards will be reduced by 5p per litre (excluding VAT) effective Thursday 24th March. 


Moving forward, your weekly fuel price will now include the 5p per litre reduction for transactions made from the 24th March for the remainder of the week.


Please note, as we purchase in advance and deposit fuel into the UK Fuels and Keyfuels networks these card holders will not benefit from the reduced rate until w/c 28th March once we have replenished our stock position with the revised rates.

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