Supermarket fuel cards: The top benefits

Last month, we happily announced the renewal of our partnership with fuelGenie, with whom we have been working since 2017. Throughout this partnership, we have been able to offer customers an exceptional fuel card solution: our supermarket fuel card.


Supermarket fuel cards are a great option. Especially for those looking to take advantage of the often-reduced prices supermarket forecourts can offer compared to the national average. Supermarket forecourts, such as Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s are all renowned for offering cheaper fuel prices than those that can be found at motorway or rural fuel stations. They also offer excellent coverage, with our supermarket fuel card being accepted at over 1,300 fuel stations across the UK.


It is currently a highly volatile financial climate, especially for the fleet industry. The opportunity to get a reduced fuel rate may sound appealing. In addition, lower costs aren’t the only reason a supermarket fuel card may have begun to appeal to you. They have various benefits. Our favourite benefits of supermarket fuel cards are:


Lower pump prices than the national average

Supermarket pump prices are often cheaper when compared to pump prices from other providers.


Supermarkets pumps get such a high volume of users that they can spread their operating costs across more customers. This means that each user is subsiding less of the supermarket’s expenses from buying, managing, and selling the fuel. This results in lower pump prices for customers. Supermarkets can then use these lower prices to draw in those who may also buy their weekly food shop.


Topping up at a supermarket pump can save you money with every top-up, which can build up to a large saving with fleet use.

supermarket fuel cards

Reward schemes

Cheaper prices aren’t the only reason to use supermarket fuel cards. You can also use supermarket reward schemes when topping up to collect loyalty points, earn rewards, and get discounts in-store.


For your staff, this gives them the potential to earn points and get selected discounts on their weekly shop. Although some reward schemes, such as Nectar points, also allow you to use your points to get a discount on your fuel purchases, which can be utilised to benefit your fleet directly.


The most popular supermarket reward scheme is Tesco Clubcard. You can download the Tesco app and get a Clubcard, which is stored within your phone, for free instantly. Other providers, such as Morrisons or Sainsburys, provide alternatives.


Excellent urban coverage

Our supermarket fuel card is perfect for those operating fleets with small or medium vehicles that travel locally. It offers the use of over 1,300 supermarket fuel stations nationwide, which are found throughout urban areas. Tesco is one of the most available providers, with over 600 filling stations across the UK. Although you can also use your supermarket fuel cards with others, such as Morrisons or Sainsburys.


If you are wanting to check what fuel stations are available in a certain area, you can use our garage locator to browse your nearby options.


For businesses wanting to make the most of the advantages of supermarket forecourts, get in touch with us today. Our team can assess and support your application, making sure you get the best fuel card solution for your fleet’s needs.

We are renewing our partnership with fuelGenie

We are excited to announce that, following a successful partnership since 2017, we will be extending our contract with fuelGenie until 2027.


Since 2017, we’ve been working with fuelGenie on a co-branded card solution, which offers our customers lucrative access to over 1,300 supermarket fuel stations nationwide. All sales and customer relationships are managed directly by ourselves, with fuelGenie giving our fuel card users access to their extensive supermarket fuel network.


Our supermarket card is perfect for those wanting local coverage. It offers a transparent pump-based pricing system and the benefit of the cheaper rates associated with supermarket forecourts, as well as the continued rewards of collecting nectar points.


Our Managing Director, Andy Smith stated:

Fuelmate is delighted to renew our partnership with fuelGenie for the long-term and offer our customers this excellent option.


Not all customers want fixed fuel price card options and the benefits of low cost, supermarket pump prices are well understood and highly valued especially given the current highs of overall fuel prices.

Managing Director of fuelGenie, Robert Pieczka has said:


Since Fuelmate added fuelGenie to their product portfolio they have consistently demonstrated the added value and benefits of being able to offer a supermarket fuel card solution to a growing number of existing and new customers.

We are thrilled to be extending our partnership with fuelGenie and to be able to continue to offer our customers the benefits of our supermarket fuel card solution.

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